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EverythingDiSC Work of Leaders® Profile

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The EverythingDiSC® Work of Leaders Profile is based on four years of research with 350 Leaders across 150 organisations to develop a set of leadership best practices.
Unlike other DiSC profiles, Work of Leaders focuses on how your style influences your effectiveness in a variety of leadership situations, not only those that are related to the interactions between people. ​The profile guides you through a three-step process based on the fundamental roles of all leaders - creating a VISION, building ALIGNMENT to the vision and championing the EXECUTION of the vision. 
​The profile in itself is an engaging learning tool, mapping your individual style on to a series of behavioural continua that support all stages of the leadership process.
On it's own it's a personal reflection and guide to effectiveness, however as a tool to provoke reflection and conversation amongst leadership teams the DiSC Work of Leaders Profile will act as a practical and tangible set of tools that can be readily applied. ​If the profile is being used with a leadership team, comparison reports are available that will provide collective insight in to the capabilities of the whole team, and help to drive effective behaviours. 
  • Extensive 23-page report that identifies your leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Action planning templates to help oyu adapt your leadership style to become a more effective leader
  • Free coaching supplement with each order
  • Access to Everything DiSC Catalyst platform. This online learning platform gives you access to additional personalised profile content and allows you to compare yourself to colleagues who have also completed an Everything DiSC profile.  You’ll be able to learn about your colleagues’ strengths and what stresses them out, compare preferences and tendencies and gain access to tips that help you work better together in a variety of situations
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Once you place your order you will receive an email which provides a link to the survey.  This email will arrive with 4 working hours of placing your order.Once you have completed your report, you will be able to access your report online where you can download and print it.You will also receive an invitation to access the Everything DiSC Catalyst platform.